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Set Your Home to Sell: 10 Home Staging Tips

Looking to sell your current home and build a new one? We know how eager you are to ditch the old duds and get into a new construction home. Before you set sail, we want to make sure you are getting top dollar for your old home and that it sells quickly and easily. Today,…

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10+ Accent Paint Colors

Building from scratch or just looking to do some home renovation – one thing you will want to include in your home design is a pop of color. Accent colors are here to do just that! Learn how to master a bold and beautiful look using accent paint colors below. Why incorporate accent paint colors?…

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new home construction vs resale

Home Buying: New vs Used

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned vet, deciding between building new construction or buying an existing home is a tough decision for many home buyers. To make this easier for you, we have broken down some major items to compare and consider when debating whether to build a new home or…

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Blackridge New Model Home Reveal

Are you currently searching for a new home? Even if building a new home isn’t quite on your radar yet, we can bet one thing’s for certain… You love getting out and going to look at new homes! Touring homes on the market can be such a fun activity and some homeowners even make it…

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Ideas & Inspiration: Flex Rooms

Extra space is hard to come by when shopping for a home. At Signature Homes,  our goal is to maximize your footprint and make use of each and every inch of your home. Our floor plans are designed with you in mind. We know that you are not only looking for opportunities to add more…

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Introducing: Bradbury at Blackridge | Hoover, AL

Coming soon: Bradbury at Blackridge is our newest home development in Hoover, AL. As an extension of Blackridge, the Bradbury community will be a wonderful addition to our resort-style communities that Hoover has come to know and love. The layout, aesthetic, and lifestyle that made people fall in love with Lake Wilborn have been updated to…

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A Guide To: Transitional Home Styling

Discovering your home style is not as easy as you think. For some, it comes naturally and for others, they may face trial and error until they finally find the look that feels like home. Transitional styling is the perfect go-to look if you find that no particular style speaks to you. It is a…

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