When you think about building a new construction home, the process might seem intimidating at first. What if your tile, countertops, and cabinets don’t end up looking great together? Will the builder try to upsell you on expensive finishes and upgrades?

When you choose to build in a Signature Homes community, the process is easy, exciting, and fun. Signature Homes takes all of the stress and pressure out of designing your dream home.

Want to discover what it’s like to design your home with us? Read on to learn more about the process.


Working with Your New Construction Home Designer

To begin your new construction home journey with Signature Homes, you’ll first meet with a Sales Agent. Once you’ve signed your contract, the real fun begins. From your first design appointment until the day that you close on your home, you’ll work with one dedicated Designer.

Signature Homes offers a comprehensive design catalog to all of our homeowners. Before your first design appointment, look through all of your options and begin making selections. In the catalog, you’ll find everything from appliances to lighting to wall treatments and more.

We are proud to offer more beautiful, on-trend features and designs than ever before so that you can easily create an incredible new construction home without upgrading a single thing. However, you do have several options to tailor your home if you choose.

You’ll find design centers inside our communities. Each center has samples of our cabinets, tiles, countertops, paint colors, and more. You can visit the design center anytime and hold your granite choices next to your cabinet options. Picking your perfect design has never been so easy!

If you have inspirational pictures of homes that you love, bring them to your design appointments. Our seasoned Designers will help you turn bits of inspiration into your ideal home. One of the best places to begin your appointment is the kitchen because it’s the heart of your home and, truly, one of the most exciting rooms to create.


Selecting Your Floor Plan

Designing your new construction home should be stress-free and enjoyable. We constantly seek new, breathtaking floor plans so that every family can design a beautiful home. If the toughest part of your design process is choosing one incredible option over another, then we’ve achieved our goal.

In our Blackridge community, we’ve recently added a new floorplan with a real wow-factor. When you walk into the home, you’ll see a living room, dining area and kitchen that all flow together. The highlight of this floorplan is the incredible two-story window that fills the entire main area of the home with natural light.

Our talented Designers love to find on-trend details and places for unique features that have a big impact. A few of our recent design additions include:

  • Dog washing stations in two heights to suit your pet
  • Built-in locker systems to organize your children’s backpacks
  • Optional extra bedroom and bathroom
  • Bonus room on the second level

What if you want something truly unique and custom that isn’t on our list of offerings? We’re happy to prep an area of your home for whatever spectacular feature you have in mind. Together, we’ll make it easy for you to execute your grand plan after closing.


The Signature Homes Difference

When you design a new construction home with Signature Homes, you’ll work with people who are as excited about your home as you are. Your dedicated Designer will be by your side every step of the way. Whether you need advice about which grout color to choose or which wall sconce works best in your hallway, our Designers love to make your dream home a reality.

Are you ready to begin your new construction home journey with Signature Homes? Schedule a visit to one of our outstanding communities, and let’s get started!


About Signature Homes:

At Signature Homes, we know that home is more than just the place where you lay your head. Together, we’ll build your dream home in your dream community. For the past 20 years, we’ve been helping homebuyers build not just their homes, but their lives. Want to experience the Signature Homes difference for yourself? Call 888-339-6051 to schedule a visit to one of our communities in Birmingham or Nashville today.

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