A new construction home is too expensive.

It takes forever.

Contractors bully you into choosing the most expensive finishes.

The process of moving into a new house can feel stressful whether you build a home or purchase an existing property. However, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about building a new construction home. Let’s debunk seven common misconceptions that may be stopping you from building the home of your dreams. 

1. A new construction home is more expensive than an existing property.

Not necessarily. The cost of your home depends upon what you decide to put in it. New construction homes can indeed be more expensive, but they don’t have to be. When you build a home, you have the power to customize your budget. You decide what you want to spend, and Signature Homes will help you get the most for your money. 

When you purchase an existing home, you’re also buying all of its design elements. If you want to upgrade the kitchen, you don’t get to save money by leaving out the mudroom. Instead, you have to factor both rooms into your budget. Remodeling a home can end up being more expensive than a new build because you have to pay to tear out the existing room, plus the cost of building it the way that you want.

Older homes often need repairs, which can quickly add additional costs. In a new construction home, all of your appliances are brand new, as is your roof, your plumbing, and your electrical wiring. In an older home, it can be hard to judge the remaining life of your roof, plumbing, etc. which makes budgeting difficult. 

2. It takes a really long time to build a new construction home.

With some builders, it might take a long time to build a home. If you’re planning to start or grow your family, or you have a lease ending soon, you might feel like your only option is to purchase an existing property. However, Signature Homes has extensive building experience and strong relationships with contractors and suppliers. Our process is fine-tuned to be as efficient as possible while maintaining the high-quality workmanship you expect in a new construction home.

If you’re concerned about your timeline, reach out and discuss it with us.

3. Single-level and smaller homes are less expensive to build.

Building a multi-story home can actually be more affordable than a large, ranch-style home because you can build on a smaller home site. Also, your roof will be smaller, so the frame of your house won’t have to be as substantial to support it. 

The materials and finishes that you select play a big role in the cost of building a home. You can make a small house extremely expensive or a large house more affordable based on how you customize it. The number of bathrooms and windows drives up the cost of the build, so if you’re willing to reduce those, you can afford more square footage or higher quality finishes. 

4. You have to start by finding the perfect plot of land.

Many people believe that they have to start their new construction home journey by finding the perfect home site, then hire an architect to design their dream home, and then bid it out and choose the right builder. However, the process actually starts with choosing the right builder for you.

Signature Homes is unique in that we don’t just build homes, we build communities. Our home buyers often start by choosing their community first, then they select their ideal home site and design and build their home. 

5. Contractors will push you into choosing the most expensive upgrades.

We want this to be your dream home, not ours. We’ll present you with all of your design options, and let you choose what’s right for you.

Our new construction home builders respect your budget by ensuring that you know all of the costs before you make any decisions. There’s no trickery with Signature Homes, just people invested in helping you get the best home for your budget. 

6. It’s more “green” to buy an existing home.

Many people incorrectly believe that it’s more environmentally friendly to purchase an existing property than it is to build a new construction home because you don’t use fresh building materials and you don’t leave existing properties empty. However, in many areas, the demand for homes is greater than the supply of available properties.

Older homes are also less likely to be energy-efficient. Your new home can have efficient appliances and lights, extra insulation and higher-quality windows to reduce your heating and cooling costs, and many other environmentally-conscious upgrades. Building a new construction home can actually be very “green.”

7. You have to be a design expert to build a new construction home.

Signature Homes has expert Designers that will guide you through every step of the process. You can lean on our experts as much or as little as you need so that, even if you don’t think you have an eye for design, your new construction home will turn out beautifully. 

Building a New Construction Home Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Building your dream home shouldn’t be a battle over the budget or timeline. With Signature Homes, the process is transparent and straightforward. Begin your new construction home journey with Signature Homes by scheduling a time to tour our neighborhoods. 


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