On July 31, 2019, our founders Dwight Sandlin and Jonathan Belcher hosted a celebration to commemorate 20 years of Signature Homes. Our entire team came together to celebrate our roots and to look forward to where we’re heading in the coming years.

Let’s look back on why Dwight and Jonathan started Signature Homes, and where the company is going next.


Why Signature Homes?

Twenty years ago, Dwight and Jonathan had the crazy idea to start their own new construction home building company. Both men had been working for other home builders and felt that they could create something better for homeowners than what was available at the time.

They might tell you that they started the company because they were foolhardy. In truth, they started Signature Homes because they wanted to create great communities for homeowners. Building great communities has been the heart of the company since its founding.

Signature Homes has been successful with families because of its community-focus. According to Dwight, what sets Signature Homes apart from competitors is that we, “plan great communities and great homes that fit inside those communities… It starts with planning an entire community from the very beginning as opposed to just putting homes up and hoping they work.”

Signature Homes strives to build a place where people can build more than a house. In our neighborhoods, people build a life. It takes thoughtfulness and intention to create a community that will grow into a vibrant place where your neighbors feel like family.

Jonathan and Dwight tapped into something special with the company. Dwight observed that “the basic desire of people wanting to live in a place to create memories hasn’t changed in 20 years. I’m not sure it’s changed in 100 years.” The houses that Signature Homes builds have changed in the past 20 years to become more innovative and customer-driven, but the heart of the company has remained the same.


Our 20th Anniversary Celebration

All of the Signature Homes team members joined Jonathan and Dwight for a day of celebration. One of the highlights of the event was the team member award ceremony. Employees created the awards and then nominated and voted on who is the most innovative person, or who has the most heart.

The day also featured some light-hearted skits poking fun at our fearless leaders. Dwight shared a presentation of where Signature Homes began and defining moments in the company’s history. Check out our 20 year celebration video:

Signature Homes also celebrated the kickoff of its third year of ESOP (employee stock ownership plans). Two years ago, Jonathan and Dwight transferred ownership of Signature Homes to the employees who give their all to creating our outstanding communities. Their mission is for our dedicated team members to be able to retire comfortably. To that end, Signature Homes proudly provides 100% of each of our employee’s retirement account contributions.


On the Horizon for Signature Homes

Signature Homes has been creating cutting-edge custom homes for the past 20 years. During that time, competitors have tried to emulate our successful product. Our persistent drive to create the best experience for our customers has led us to our newest goal: The 39 Project.

We have 3 seconds and 9 paces to wow our customers when they walk into one of our homes.

Through value engineering and hard work, we’ve found ways to provide exciting features and luxurious amenities that were, until now, only available in high-end homes. Our outstanding team pushes the envelope so that we can provide beautiful, high-end homes without our customers having to upgrade a single feature.

Learn more about The 39 Project:

Our homes don’t feel like anyone else’s because our company isn’t like any other. If you’re ready to build a house in a community that feels like home, come explore the Signature Homes difference.


About Signature Homes:

At Signature Homes, we know that home is more than just the place where you lay your head. Together, we’ll build your dream home in your dream community. For the past 20 years, we’ve been helping homebuyers build not just their homes, but their lives. Want to experience the Signature Homes difference for yourself? Call 888-339-6051 to schedule a visit to one of our communities in Birmingham or Nashville today.

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