Situated in Hoover, Alabama, just fifteen minutes southwest of downtown Birmingham, Blackridge is a place where coming home feels like a lakefront weekend getaway. Here you can paddle through your morning workout in your own canoe on your lake. Enjoy boating, swimming, and sunsets over Blackridge Lake every evening of the week. Rural, wooded terrain and dense perimeter tree preserves make this a unique place in the heart of Birmingham. At Blackridge, your eyes and ears tell you that you’re away at the lake for the weekend, but you actually haven’t left Hoover.


Experience a way of living unlike any other at Blackridge, Hoover’s gated waterfront community. Beautiful homes and casual waterfront living elevate the lifestyle at Blackridge to a level beyond extraordinary. You’ve never seen anything quite like this in Birmingham. When you choose this community, rich in experiences, you’ll enjoy a lifestyle that goes beyond waterfront living.

Experience the Lake

The Landing at Blackridge Retreat Home Collection is a collection of incredible floor plans that focus on the harmonious blending of indoor and outdoor living, offer ample space to relax, and outdoor living areas perfect for catching a cool breeze, we’ve got a plan for just about everyone. So, grab a rocking chair, settle into a wicker seat, or kick your feet up on a comfy bed swing, and check out some of our favorite floor plans of the Landing.

Experience the Landing

Waking up here every day, one thing is certain, Blackridge has the best backyard for getting out and active.

Lake Craftsman Style Clubhouse

A lively gathering place where tales are told, laughter lingers in the air, and nothing is taken too seriously.

Resort Style Swimming Pool

Featuring stunning views of the Lake Blackridge, this pool encourages relaxation and fun.

100 Acre Private, Stocked Lake

Fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding and boating are just a few of the great ways to explore our slice of heaven.

Cahaba River Access

Explore the tranquil water trails of the Cahaba River.
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