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How We Are Raising The Bar

From day one, Signature Homes has been committed to building beautiful and functional communities. Founded in 1999 by Dwight Sandlin and Jonathan Belcher, Signature Homes now has over 100 communities in Louisiana, Tennessee, and Alabama.

As one of the largest homebuilders in the Southeast, we have provided over 10,000 families with their dream home. With the passion to create a place where people enjoy their lives, grow their families, and build relationships that last a lifetime, Signature Homes is setting the bar.

What makes Signature Homes different from other builders? Signature Homes doesn’t just build homes; we build communities. Communities that focus on  bringing neighbors together even before neighborhoods are completed (and long after) with got-to-be-there social events designed to help you meet, greet, and connect with the people you’ll see down the street and on the sidewalks in your new community every day. Get-togethers like “Movies in the Park,” annual crawfish boils, charity fun runs, and several other events make any Signature community a true Resort community.

We’re so proud of what we do. 

  • We have been consistently ranked as one of America’s Top Home Building Companies.
  • We’re all about community and we were lucky enough to get to participate in the all following:
    • This was a second year getting to participate with St. Jude’s Dream Home Giveaway by donating time and materials to build the beautiful giveaway home.
    • We donated land and partnered to build a handicap accessible park for the children in Hoover.
    • Worked with Operation 1:27 to help relocate a tornado victim into a new home.
    • Sponsored children so that they could attend Camp Big Stuff
    • Hosted the crawfish bowl in Ross Bridge to support the Hope For Autumn Foundation.
    • Partnered with the Fire Department to raise money for burned children.
    • Worked with Love in Action to provide food and clothing for over 100 families during Christmas.

We’re a big, fun, friendly family over here.

  • We’re enthusiastic, energetic, and have a great time while creating communities for our homeowners to live out their dreams.
  • Our managers come from diverse backgrounds: banking, retail, telecommunications, energy exploration, marketing, sales and architectural design.
  • We think this makes us different than other builders, in that we can look at the challenges of real estate development creatively and then put our unique signature on every decision we make.


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